Internal Pipe Blasting Nozzles

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Internal Pipe Blasting Nozzle is a specialized tool to blast the inside of a pipe. It can help effectively blasting the inside of a pipe. It can help to prolong the working life the life with the cleaning grade to Sa 2.5 to 3.
Based on the diameter of the pipes, there are different types of pipe inner-wall washing nozzles. BR-IPB-50, BR-IPB-100 and BR-IPB-200 can be applied into the pipes with the diameter range of 20mm-305mm. With the 360°curtain of the abrasives, it could clean all corners of the pipe inner walls. For those pipes with diameters larger than 305mm, high-speed abrasives could be sprayed to de-rust the pipes through two diversions of Venturi nozzles.


Series Type Pipe diameter
BR-IPB-50 360º 3/4″-3”,20mm-76mm
BR-IPB-100 360º 3″-5”,76mm-127mm
BR-IPB-200 360º 5”-12”,127mm-305mm
BR-IPB-900 ID6.5mm-12.5mm 12”-36”,305mm-900mm